01/ 09

Zappabucks - App interface design.

crossed with virtual currency.

Project summary

Zappabucks came to me with an outline thought for a mobile application that enables clients to share, gather, exchange and catalyst tokens - as 'Bucks' on their cell phone. The bucks are adequately a cross between a virtual cash, publicizing, vouchers and Pokemon cards. This undertaking was conveyed as a thought, not as a working item. I tested to make a brand, a logo, an application interface plan and an introduction apparatus to take the business thought on to the following stage – and pick up subsidizing.

The normal place to begin was with the marking, yet I needed to wed this with the application plan – as from multiple points of view this is the marking. So we took the surprising choice to build up the application interface and the logo in the meantime. This took additional gatherings with the customer, and littler strides at to start with, however the outcome represents itself with no issue. The Outcome Toward the finish of the task we conveyed a logo, a brand pack, a full application UI interface and a business introduction. We viably took a business thought, and breathed life into it.